Your Administrative requirement in Spain
Do you want to settle in Spain to settle professionally, to study, to spend a few months in the year, to enjoy your retirement? Don’t you know what administrative formalities to organize your departure? You have many questions about what you should or should not do?
You do not know where you will stay or which city to choose according to your needs? What school for your children?
Do you have difficulty finding clear and precise information?
In addition to advising you on your situation, Spain Expat will help you to carry out different administrative procedures in Spain (modalities to be defined according to your needs: from the simple advice until a complete assistance before and after your arrival):
• Obtaining the Identification number of foreigners or “NIE” essential for all your administrative formalities in Spain
• Inclusion in the register of your municipality necessary for all your administrative formalities in Spain “Empadronamiento”
• Help in the search for properties to rent or buy in Spain
•Resident permit
• Registry of your foreign vehicle in Spain
• Subscription to various contracts: water, telephone, electricity, internet, mobile phone
• Affiliation to Spanish Social Security
• Affiliation to a mutual: we send you several quotes so that you can make the best choice according to your needs
• Home Insurance
• Vehicle Insurance
• Opening personal bank account
• Search for a school or crèche for your children and help with registration
• Consular registry
• Membership at the Spanish Tax Center (“Hacienda”)
• Membership with the Spanish employment agency (“INEM”)
• Translation of your contracts (if necessary by a sworn translator)
• Courts of Spanish language
We will define together your needs in order to send you a customized offer. To contact us, click here!