You need help for your expatriation in Spain?

Expatriation in Spain : Spain Expat, the best partner for your project
Spain Expat is a service company which helps individuals and families all around the world to make their expatriation in Spain easy.

Installation assistance for expatriate in Spain

You have an installation project in Spain temporarily or permanently, and you’re asking a thousand questions about procedures in Spain? Nothing more normal! Whether in a personal or professional context, Spain Expat will help you with all the questions you have about administrative steps before and after your arrival in Spain.

Real estate brokerage in Spain and discovery program to secure your expatriation in Spain

Your expatriation project in Spain begins to take shape but you are not sure which city to choose. Find your future home is not easy either … Here again, Spain Expat will be able to help through its own program of discovering of your future region and its wide choice of properties to rent or buy.

Once arrived in Spain…

You have been now living in Spain for few weeks or months and you encounter some difficulties in your daily life? You receive emails, you need to respond? You do not know how? Spain Expat can also give you advices and help you handle certain situations in your life. The language barrier, cultural differences, ignorance of the way of working of the Spanish administration can sometimes make it more difficult and may slow your integration process. Do not hesitate to get help.

Private concierge services for expatriates in Spain

You want to receive personalized assistance in Spain so you can have more time for you. You share your time between Spain and the rest of the world and need a relay in Spain?Spain Expat will make every effort to find the right solution matching your needs.

Professional life for an expatriate in Spain

Spain Expat will help you carry out your project by facilitating your administrative procedures in Spain.

Spain Expat is organized and close to its customers. Contact us, we will reply within 48 hours.
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